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Dental treatments in
San Pedro, Nueva Andalucia and Marbella


General Dentistry

We take care of your oral-dental health

Conservative dentistry involves treatments that allow us to prevent, stop and cure caries, as well as reconstruct our damaged teeth with inlays and onlays.


Pediatric Dentistry

Take care of the smile of the little ones

We offer all types of dentistry treatments for your children.

We have the best experts so that your children would have the best possible oral and dental care.

We help you to achieve your best smile

We are experts in aesthetic dentistry treatments. We have specialists with years of experience in dental veneers and whitening treatments.


Dental Implants

We offer you the best quality in your dental implants.

At Dental Clinic La Campana we work with the worldwide leading brand in implantology, Straumman.

We offer security and guarantee.


Invisible Orthodontics

Align your smile without anyone knowing it

Invisalign Orthodontics allows you to align your teeth in an easy and comfortable way.

Obtaining even better results than with traditional orthodontics.




Align your teeth and show off a new smile

Find out which type of orthodontics best suits your needs and let our experts at Clínica Dental la Campana advise you.

Show off a healthy and beautiful new smile.





Our specialists have more than 20 years of experience

Specialists in Endodontics in Nueva Andalucia. We have a multidisciplinary team and our doctors specialised in endodontics have been carrying out this type of treatment for more than 20 years.




We treat all types of periodontal diseases

We are specialists in periodontics and we take care of solving your periodontitis, gingivitis or halitosis problems and carry out regular follow-ups to avoid new periodontal problems.

Your health is the most important thing.


Dental Prosthesis

Your removable or fixed prostheses

Find out about the latest developments in fixed and removable prostheses and dental implants at Dental Clinic La Campana.

We have all kinds of solutions for you to get your smile back.



Forget about headaches and grinding your teeth.

At La Campana Dental Clinic we help you to treat bruxism.

We will make an unloading splint adapted to your needs, we have a team of specialists in bruxism and TMJ.


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